Archived: Westview Band Fund Raiser – 4th of July Oak Hills Bake Sale

We have been asked to operate the bake sale for the Oak Hills 4th of July celebration. Please help us to be successful with this incredible opportunity.
Provide 2-4 dozen Baked Goodies:
This is a big fundraiser for the band and we have 500- 1000 people attend our parade, BBQ and afternoon activities. We need everyone in town to provide baked goodies. Either homemade or store bought cookies, brownies, muffins, pies or whole cakes will all sell! Baked goodies with 4th of July themes are very popular.  We will also sell water, drinks and hopefully our snow cone machine will be operational.
Baked Sale Drop Off: Sunday July 3rd6-8pm with Hilary Barrett at 14850 NW Northumbria Lane. Or July 4th at 10:30am-noon at the bake sale table by Oak Hill’s tennis courts. Earlierdrop offs contact Hilary Barrett at 503 544-7291
Bake Sale Volunteers on July 4th: (10-12, 11:30-1:30, 1-3pm)
We will need 4 volunteers per session to help set up and sell.
Band students can volunteer with your parents.
Please Contact Hilarybarrett@yahoo. to volunteer or bring baked goods