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We are accepting donations electronically via PayPal. Please fill the form below if you would like to contribute to our program! On the right you will see a thermometer which shows our fundraising progress. This grand total will be updated regularly, and it reflects all our fundraising efforts including sale of old equipment, direct donations, and monthly fundraisers that we are running.


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   $1250 raised of $9500 goal

Fundraising ideas for schools, churches, and youth sports teams

This year we need to raise $4500 to cover our operating costs. This includes paying for:

  • new sticks, heads, and mallets
  • staff to design the show and teach during rehearsal
  • costumes for the show
  • props for the show
  • the vinyl floor tarp that we perform on
  • unit registration fees
  • tuition scholarships for students in the group
  • providing food to students and staff at all the competitions

We also need an additional $5000 to pay for some badly needed equipment upgrades:

  1. Adams 4.3 Octave Marimba – $3000
    • The school currently owns only 2 marimbas. With the growing size of our program, a third marimba is badly needed.
  2. Wireless Microphone Transmitters and Receivers – $1500
    • We will use these in our winter show this year. They are also a great investment for the band program, as they can be used for soloists or to amplify performers in the fall marching band. Most schools own a set of wireless mics, however at Westview we currently have none.
  3. Behringer Digital Snake – $500
    • Right now our mixer can only accept 16 channels. With the growing size of our program, we now need about 20 channels going into our mixer. Getting this digital snake will upgrade us to 32 channels of input! It will also improve reliability of our sound system and shorten our setup time at the shows.