Winter Percussion


WHS Winter Percussion provides an opportunity for students to develop their musical and life skills through the art of percussion performance. We hope to instill a strong sense of perseverance, dedication, personal achievement, growth, self‐confidence, music appreciation, and work ethic through the pursuit of excellence!

2018 Staff

At Westview, we have hired some of the best designers and educators to work with the ensemble. We truly believe that we have the best staff in the Northwest!


Zohein Sharma

Design Staff

Ian Flint – Visual design

Jeff Bush – Battery composition

Justin Lee – Front Ensemble composition

Educational Staff

Masen Bowers – Visual caption manager/Cymbal instructor

Jeremy Jacobs – Front Ensemble instructor/arranger

Josh Plancarte – Battery instructor

Charlie Davis – Battery instructor

Past Shows

2018 – Ocean Bloom

2017 –Why not NOW?

2016 – The Call