Marching Band

Welcome to Westview Marching Band and Auxiliary!

We look forward to our next marching band season for school year 2024-25 in Fall 2024. Check back for more information.  If you have any other questions, please email Kristin Parker [email protected].

I signed up for Marching Band! What does that mean?

Marching Band at Westview is an extra curricular activity for any Band Students in the Westview HS boundary.  Options school students living in WHS boundary can participate in Westview Marching Band. Commitment to Marching band includes the August Band camp as well as the competition season (there are 4) and Friday Night Football Games (all home games).  Participation in these events as part of the Marching Band season is crucial, as the Marching show is written specifically for the members that sign up.  Any missed days need to be pre-approved through Mr. Rathbone. 

Commitment Dates, 2024 TBD  *These are required, Please add all of these to your own personal calendar*

ALL of these dates are found in the Google Calendar, and it is live (updated periodically). 

Band Camp – August 2024

Parent Showcase – last Friday of Band camp

Weekday Practices – Tuesday/Thursday 6-9pm, dates to be determined

4 Band Competitions – NWAPA Events

Friday night Football, 5 home games – dates to be determined

Beaverton Parade/Band Day – approximately first Saturday in September, ALL DAY (Parade in the morning, Band Day fundraiser in afternoon.  Pizza lunch provided)

What do I need for Band Camp?

Band camp information will be shared by Mr. Rathbone close to the start.  Make sure to come prepared!

How do I get my Marching Uniform?

Your Westview Marching Uniform is provided by our Band Boosters. This includes your jacket, bibs, shako, and plume. Parent Volunteers will fit uniforms during band camp.  This is an excellent opportunity for your parents to get volunteer hours! 

You will also need to provide for yourself a few KEY items, and have them every time you wear your uniform. 

  • BLACK dress socks (calf length), 2 pairs
  • Compression style white shirt (preferably no logos)
  • Compression style (or tighter fitting athletic style) black shorts or leggings (something you are comfortable wearing in front of others)
  • Hair ties, if needed

How much does it cost to participate?

Marching Band is an expensive program for our Boosters to run.  Part of the expenses are raised through the fees we charge students, and part are raised through Fundraising efforts. The registration fee for the 2024 Marching season is TBD.  New members have an additional $50 new marching shoe/glove fee.   $100 Non-Refundable Deposit (put towards your Activity fee) to hold your place in the show is due at the time of registration.  Remaining registration fees are due in full by day 1 of Band Camp.  

$100 (Refundable) Volunteer Fee is paid for in advanceThis can be refunded upon completion of the 10 volunteer hours from a family member.  Your band account will be credited this amount, or you can request a check be sent to you.  Your band account is rolled over as long as you are a member of Westview Band.  Volunteer hours are tracked from our volunteer sign ups after each competition and Football Friday.  Volunteer hours can also be accrued by filling a spot on the Booster Board, helping with tasks during band camp, and volunteering during fundraisers.  All of these require BSD volunteer status, which is detailed below. 

2023-24 season fees for reference only, subject to change for 2024-25 school year.

Program Fees  Refundable Volunteer Fee New Student shoe Fee If I’m not Volunteering, and a new student total needed
Fall Marching/Guard $475 $100 $50 $625
Winter Guard $475 $100 $575
Winter Percussion $475 $100 $575

What does this Activity Fee include?

Your money goes a LONG way!  We use the Marching activity fee to pay for:

  • Marching Staff Salaries
  • Show creation (music, props, drill, etc)
  • Marching Show T-Shirt
  • Transportation to and from competitions
  • Entrance fee for the 4 NWAPA competitions
  • Entrance fee for Competition volunteers
  • Food for our students, staff, and volunteers at each competition
  • For a more in-depth look at our expenses, please see the following link

Do we do any other Fundraising for the Marching program?

YES! We will ask each Marching Member to participate in an online fundraising campaign that will run the length of Band Camp.  Our membership fees only cover roughly HALF of the funds we need to run the entire Marching Season. It is incredibly important for each member to help us out by participating in this online campaign. Inflation is real, and things we pay for are exponentially more expensive. Our goal will be to raise the remainder of the funds needed for this season, roughly $300 per Marching Band Member.  You will receive a link to email or post on social media for the duration of band camp. There will be prizes awarded and even account credits available!  More information will be sent at the beginning of August. 

Are there scholarships available?

YES!  Our organization prides itself in making band activities accessible to all who want to participate.  We offer scholarships for Westview Band families for up to 50% of the activity fee.  Applicants must have their Band account in good standing and must fill out the application no later than the due date. Scholarship forms are due in August, check with our Treasurer for exact dates.  A committee will review ALL scholarship applicants.  You will be notified if you received a scholarship prior to the start of band camp.  Please review all scholarship guidelines prior to filling out the form. These are included with the application link.  Application will be sent to those who request it when registering. 

Are there other Fundraising Opportunities to help me pay for Marching Band?

YES!  Our band has an incredible opportunity to work Hops Baseball Concession in the summer at home games. This earns money towards your individual band accounts (paying for Marching season, Winter Guard, Winter Percussion, and saving for band trips).  If you would like to receive more information, or you know that you want to register to work in the 2024 season, please email your interest to be a part of our Hops team to [email protected].  We will then send you the signup genius link for signing up for your shifts.  

A registration form will be emailed, fill out the form for each person wanting to work Hops Concessions on behalf of Westview Band. You can have your parents work with you and the money goes to your band account!

Volunteer Opportunities for families (share this with your family members!):

Volunteers will need a Band or Guard blue shirt.  We have these available for sale. Please reach out to [email protected] to see if we have your size available.  We will also be placing a large order for families when the school year begins.  Watch for the shop link in your email. 

ALL BSD volunteers will need to have completed the following requirements:

  • BSD volunteer registration in Better Impact
  • BSD background check (once every 2 years)
  • Covid Vaccination completed, and upload card to Better Impact account

Please go to the BSD Volunteer website to begin your registration ASAP. Processing this can take 2-3 weeks, and even longer at the beginning of the school year. If you want to volunteer with the band, please take care of this now.

Volunteer – Beaverton School District

Our program could not do what it does without the tremendous volunteers making everything happen behind the scenes.  WE NEED YOUR HELP.  There are small and large ways for you to be involved, but the key takeaway here is that we need EVERYONE in some capacity. 

During Band Camp, there will be the following opportunities (watch for sign ups to be emailed and posted in the FB group):

Dropping off daily snacks/cold treat, supplying the daily ice for the water stations and coolers, helping with Uniform Fittings, helping with the Family cookout

During the season, we will need volunteers for each competition day, as well as new parents to fill some empty roles on our Booster Board.

Here is a link to the roles we currently have/need filled.  If you are interested in learning more or throwing your hat in, please contact [email protected]

Westview Boosters Roles

How do I stay informed/Connected?

Google CalendarLink Here!

Save this calendar!  It is updated throughout the year. 

Private FB group

*You must answer the membership questions and agree to the group rules or your request will be denied.  This group is for current band/guard students and their parents/guardians only. Please do not share the link with extended family members. Please do not “invite” others by clicking on the invite link, as that does not prompt them to answer membership questions. 

Westview Band Website

Your section leader is a great source of information!  Please reach out to them if you have questions.  They have been there and are many times the best resource.