1st competition – Linfield University 10/2/2021

Call time at Westview is 9.30am Saturday October 2nd 2021

What to bring/wear:   

  1. Your Marching Band Shoes and black socks
  2. Your clothes that are worn under the uniform  
  3. Any Snacks you may want during the day, we are not sure what concessions will be available so make sure you have enough food
  4. Water bottle with your name labeled on it
  5. A jacket/sweater if you think you’ll be cold in the evening

Our first performance is scheduled for 2.15pm. Finals performance time will be set at the prelim awards.

The schedule will update at this link to know when our Final performance will be: Linfield schedule.

You can always keep up to date on our private Facebook page and see photos/videos of the competition.