Practice time changes and added mini-camp day

Believe it or not, we are almost to our first competition of the season!  To make sure that we are able to do a fantastic show, we have a few schedule tweeks to our rehearsals we are going to make.  Our Band calendar has been updated with these time changes.  We are putting these on the calendar to make sure that our 3rd movement can look as great as our first two are looking.   

Practice Time Changes!  

Tuesday’s will run from 5:30-9:00.  We will start doing body warm up right at 5:30 so we can start drill promptly at 6pm.

Thursday’s 5:00-9:00.  We will start body warm up at 5pm.   

I know that most of you have been doing sectionals at this time, but please do not call an even earlier sectional.  Please make sure you are eating dinner and resting before 5pm.   

Micro-Band Camp Day!  

We are going to do a mini-band camp on Friday October 8th.  This is a Staff development day, so the students have no school.  This Friday will help us make sure that we can put on an amazing 3rd movement for the competitions.  

Friday October 8th Schedule.   

11am-2pm 1st rehearsal block  

2pm-3pm Meal Break  

3pm-6pm 2nd rehearsal block  

6pm-7pm (depends on its arrival) Truck Loading!  

Each rehearsal I see you all getting better and better.  Let’s go for the gold everyone and show them what Westview Bands and Color Guard can do!  

Mr Rathbone